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The office of Dr. Lipnik is here to serve you. Come visit us at our address or Schedule an online appointment for your next visit.

Specialties and InterestsSpecialties and Interests

Specialties and Interests

Sports physicals, Diabetes, Asthma, Emphysema, Cardiovascular diseases including hypertension, coronary artery disease, heart failure etc



State of the art electronic medical records, Blood sugar monitoring, EKG, Bone density tests, Pulmonary function tests, PT & INR monitoring etc.



Flu, Pneumonia, Tetanus, etc. Call our office to ask for more about the immunization you need. We are always here to help!


We’ve helped many people throughout the years and kindly welcome new patients!

A doctor, like anyone else who has to deal with human beings, each of them unique, cannot be a scientist; he is either, like the surgeon, a craftsman, or, like the physician and the psychologist, an artist. This means that in order to be a good doctor a man must also have a good character, that is to say, whatever weaknesses and foibles he may have, he must love his fellow human beings in the concrete and desire their good before his own.